New living accommodations have a stronghold on most East Bay communities. A decade’s worth of changes in the East Bay have made room for. With them, mark the fall of many iconic landmarks.

Differing reasons have collectively orchestrated the fall of some of the most iconic East Bay landmarks.

Holiday Bowl in Hayward is among the many landmarks that have collapsed due to communal changes in time. The building has stood tall for nearly 7 decades, but became defunct in 2005. Its hollow remains stood idle for the next 15 years, until various arsonists authored its final chapter in summer…

Language has been a vehicle to push agendas for centuries. It can prove to be beneficial, or can be harmful if used to impose negative generalizations upon targeted groups of people. The link between language and oppression are jointed in seemingly mild ways. Granted by diction, euphemisms, and superiority complexes, a speaker can easily dominate thousands of individuals with the alteration of language. They evoke emotions in the words used to control, rationalize its use of logic in their justifications, and enforce power in the execution of said domination. It can be observed in spheres of politics, as well as…

Loni Matthew

Calm at my epicenter.

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